CI Business Talk: 4 Keys to Successfull Strategic Communication in China

24. 03. 2023
CI Business Talk: 4 Keys to Successfull Strategic Communication in China
On March 23rd, 2023, the Confucius Institute Ljubljana successfully held a business webinar.

On Thursday, March 23, 2023, the Confucius Institute at the University of Ljubljana successfully hosted a third talk in the CI Business Talks series. The topic of the webinar was "4 Keys to Successful Strategic Communication in China". The speaker for this session was Sarah Bourek, Senior Digital Strategist at LABBRAND in Shanghai. She has experience managing strategic brand communications for over 60 major brands in the Chinese market. Sarah Bourek has managed go-to-market strategies and social media communication strategies for brands in China that have reached over 300 million views and developed award-winning campaigns in the Chinese market that have received global recognition.

At the beginning of the webinar, Sarah emphasized that China has continuously promoted the development of the "Silk Road on Land" and the "Silk Road on Water" and played a central role in the economic globalization. However, with the continuous deepening of the scope and scale of opening up, China still remains quite self-contained. Therefore, to be successful in the Chinese market, it is essential to learn how to present and communicate as a brand in this unique market.

With this in mind, the lecturer suggested 4 components that are critical for any company that wants to succeed in the Chinese market. These are:

  • Be present,
  • Be relevant,
  • Be respectful,
  • Be representative.

The sharing session lasted one hour. In this hour, numerous figures and examples were listed, the importance of the above four key points were analyzed from different angles and the content was enriched with case studies.

The presentation was well received by the various participants from Slovenia and beyond. Those who missed the webinar can access it via the link provided:

We look forward to organising more events of this kind in the future.

We hope to see you at the next event,
CI Ljubljana Team

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