Internet-based (Home Edition) HSK and HSKK test

20. 12. 2022
Internet-based (Home Edition) HSK and HSKK test
On December 10, 2022, Confucius Institute Ljubljana offered an internet-based (Home Edition) version of the Chinese proficiency test, known as the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping kaoshi). Seven test takers participated in HSK and HSKK exam from the comfort of their own homes, using a computer connected to the HSK client.

The HSK test is widely recognized as the most comprehensive and official proof of Chinese language proficiency, and is used by universities, employers, and government agencies around the world to assess an individual's ability to communicate effectively in Chinese.

Internet-based HSK (Home Edition) test allowed candidates to take the exam from home, using a computer and Zoom meeting room on their cell phones for invigilation. The questions were displayed on the screen, and answers were entered using the keyboard and mouse.

The test was a success, with all exams going smoothly. The internet-based format provides a convenient and accessible option for individuals looking to take the HSK test and demonstrate their Chinese language proficiency.

Confucius Institute Ljubljana is committed to promoting Chinese language learning and cultural exchange. Through the internet-based HSK test, the organization hopes to provide a reliable and convenient means for individuals to advance their careers, to demonstrate their Chinese language proficiency and foster greater understanding between people of different cultures.

You can find out more about HSK here.

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