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HSK (Hanyu Shuiping kaoshi) is the international standardized Chinese proficiency test and is the world's most known and official proof of the knowledge of Chinese language. The test was developed by Hanban (Office of Chinese language council International) assigned by the Chinese Ministry of Education in order to meet the needs of growing number of people learning Chinese worldwide. It was first established in 1984, and carried out in the foreign countries in 1991.

There are different types of HSK:

  • Paper-based HSK;
  • Internet-based HSK (at the official HSK center);
  • Internet-based HSK (Home Edition).

All exams in 2023 at the Confucius Institute Ljubljana test center will be in the form of an online Chinese test (Home Edition). Meaning, applicants take the test in front of a computer connected to HSK client software. Before applying please check general rules.

Check the following content to get the access to the information you need when applying for the HSK exam:

  1. Why HSK?
  2. What is HSKK?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
  5. How to apply?
  6. How to pay?
  7. Cancellation
  8. Preparations
  9. General rules of the HSK exam
  10. When to check examination results and where to get the certificate?

Why HSK?

The HSK is the worldwide standard examination and grading system for Mandarin Chinese proficiency. It is the equivalent of TOEFL and IELTS.

HSK is the best way to show employers and universities in China that you are good enough to work and study in China. You can use HSK certificate to show your employers outside China that require a certain level of Chinese language skill.

The validity of an HSK certificate is not limited, but the examination result for admission to a Chinese university is only valid for two years from the date of the examination.

Also, HSK is the best way to track your progress in learning Chinese. HSK provides you with the most statistically common vocabulary. For example, for the HSK level 1, you will learn 150 words, which are the most common words such as personal pronouns and numbers.

The structure of the HSK test

The HSK test is done in 6 different levels, which is passed separately. The levels of the HSK exam are independent. So you can choose the level that suits you, without having made all the lower ones. However, individuals taking HSK level 3 or higher must attend the corresponding HSKK at the same time (go to What is HSKK?).

HSK Level
No. of words Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Duration of the exam
HSK level 1 Simple expressions and phrases should be understood and applied.     150 A1 35 min
HSK level 2 Everyday situations should be mastered without any problems. 300 A2 50 min
HSK level 3 Content of familiar situations in the areas of work, school, leisure, etc. should be managed. 600 B1 85 min
HSK level 4 Candidates are able to conduct conversations on various topics in Chinese and to communicate spontaneously and fluently. 1200 B2 100 min
HSK level 5 Chinese newspapers and magazines can be read, speeches can be held in Chinese. 2500 C1 122 min
HSK level 6 Candidates can understand virtually everything they read or hear effortlessly and express themselves spontaneously, very fluently and accurately. over 5000 C2 135 min

What is HSKK?

HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) assesses the test takers’ oral Chinese abilities. HSKK consists of three levels: HSKK (Beginner level), HSKK (Intermediate level) and HSKK (Advanced level). HSKK is conducted in the form of audio recording.

Beginning in January 2022, participants in HSK levels 3, 4, 5, or 6 must attend the corresponding HSKK as follows:


Corresponding HSKK

HSK Level 3

HSKK Basic

HSK Level 4

HSKK Intermediate

HSK Level 5

HSKK Advanced

HSK Level 6

HSKK Advanced


Here is a list of HSK exam dates in 2023 at the test center Confucius Institute Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Exam Type of exam Exam date Registration deadline
HSK and HSKK Online test (Home Edition) 26. 11. 2023 15.11. 2023 at 4 PM

HSK exam dates are always either on a Saturday or Sunday. For HSK levels 2, 4 and 6, exams usually start at 9:00 am and for levels 1, 3 and 5 at 1:30 pm. Please note that these times are not confirmed and are for your information only.


At your home.

All exams in 2023 will be in the form of an online Chinese test (Home Edition). Meaning, applicants take the test in front of a computer connected to HSK client software, with questions displayed on the computer screen. The answers are entered using a keyboard and mouse.

Before registration, please ensure you are able to meet all the requirements listed in this documentThe test fee will not be refunded if the test environment, test equipment, or other conditions are found to violate the requirements.

How to apply?

You can apply in two steps:

  • Registration on the Chinese Test Centre website

In order to register for HSK or HSKK exam, you must first create a user account on the abovementioned website, then proceed to apply for specific HSK or HSKK level test. You have to remember the user account and password, because later you will need them to log in the system to check your exam application, download admission ticket and check your exam results.

To register successfully a passport photo in digital form must be uploaded (all the levels of HSK and HSKK). Be careful to adjust the correct pixels of the photo. If you encounter some problems, when uploading the photo on the Chinese test web page, try to change the photo with less pixels. The maximum density is 100kB.

As for any test required photo, the preparation and use of photo shall be made according to the following requirements:

  • Recent bareheaded photo with white background;
  • Black-white photo or color photo;
  • Showing the front face of test taker clearly;
  • Showing the head and the upper part of shoulder of the test taker;
  • Format: JPG/GIF/PNG;
  • File size: below 100KB.

The photo will be shown on the test taker’s test admission ticket and the relevant certificate obtained after the test.

Please find detailed instructions for the registration here.

  • Payment of the exam fee

Please transfer the examination fee to our account (go to How to pay?) and send the proof of payment to our email before the registration deadline. If there is no evidence of a money transfer before the registration deadline, your registration is unfortunately invalid and you can’t take part in the examination.

  • Admission ticket

If your registration was successful and the evidence of the money transfer was received before the deadline, you will receive a notice that your admission ticket is ready. Admission ticket is found in your account on the page after the registration deadline. You should download it, print it, and have it with you on the day of the exam.

How to pay?

Please transfer the examination fee to our account and send the proof of payment to our email before 4 pm on 15. 11. 2023. If there is no evidence of a money transfer before the registration deadline, your registration is unfortunately invalid and you can’t take part in the examination. The registration can’t be cancelled after the payment and the payment is non-refundable. After the registration and the payment of the test fee, we shall send you the further information on your e-mail.

Account information:

Kardeljeva ploščad 17
1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 01100 – 6030708574
ID for DDV: SI28186745

Transaction purpose: name of the examinee + HSK level


Levels Fees (EUR)
HSK Level 1 25,00
HSK Level 2 30,00
HSK Level 3 + HSKK Basic 46,00
HSK Level 4 + HSKK Intermediate 50,00
HSK Level 5 + HSKK Advanced 60,00
HSK Level 6 + HSKK Advanced 65,00
HSKK Basic 30,00
HSKK Intermediate 30,00
HSKK Advanced 30,00


Cancellation is possible until the payment deadline. The registration can not be cancelled after the payment deadline. Payments are non-refundable.


Best preparation for HSK exam is practice. There are many resources available online - especially vocabulary lists and grammar for each level. In order to get familiar with all HSK exam aspects we also suggest you to:

  • Attend HSK preparation course

To help students prepare for the HSK exam, certified HSK teachers from the Confucius Institute Ljubljana are preparing HSK preparation courses. Check here to see if HSK preparation courses are currently offered. 

  • Purchase HSK Standard Course book

When preparing for HSK exam using a textbook and workbook that are specially designed for HSK test takers is suggested. HSK Standard Course books are suitable for organized courses and self-taught learners. The entire series of books is divided into six levels corresponding to the HSK test, with one volume each for levels 1-3 and two volumes for levels 4-6, for a total of nine volumes. You can make the purchase here.

General rules of the HSK exam

Mock test

Approximately one week before the official exam, a simulation test is organized to test the HSK client and equipment of all participants. 

The procedure of the HSK examination

For the exam you need:

  • A valid identity card / passport (with the number you used to register);
  • Printed admission ticket (Please keep the number of your Admission ticket well as it will allow you to check your exam results).

Analog watches, drinks and medications are allowed during the exam period. Otherwise no aids are allowed.

HSK test was made available to take online as the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition). Please check the general rules for the HSK Home Edition.

When to check examination results?

Results can be checked individually on the page with the admission ticket number and password 10 days after the test date of HSK; 25 days after the test date of HSKK (postponed in case of holidays).

Required pass score

Test Full score Pass score
HSK 1 200 120
HSK 2 200 120
HSK 3 300 180
HSK 4 300 180
HSK 5 300 180
HSK 6 300 180
HSKK (basic level) 100 60
HSKK (intermediate level) 100 60
HSKK (advanced level) 100 60

How to get the official certificates?

The service of delivering HSK certificates to test centers is no longer available. After the results have been announced on the website, test takers could check their result by admission ticket number on the page . Test takers can also apply for a printed certificate to be delivered to individuals or the institutes by applying at the Extra Score Report service (on the page).

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